The Project

This project began on 14 October 2012
following an international request of Vandana Shiva
to join hands for Globally Seed Freedom.
We organized a Workshop of Seeds
we couldn't stop there, 

we felt  a call inside to make more for the cause of the Seed Freedom.
We researched a little of what was already being done  
by informal groups, NGOs, companies, associations, farmers, institutes ...   
from the willingness to share knowledge we created the "Seed Saving Workshop"
from the need to have more people to multiply and share
these precious treasures in a local context
we added the concept of Circles of Seeds

with the idea of a living seed bank.

 so that the energy of each one
 could give strength to All
we unite all parts in a Network

and the outcome.........

A Circle of Seeds
consist in gathering a group of friends
in which each one sign up and make a compromise 
for multiply and store seeds from one or more cultures.
Each member chooses a crop,  
sowing, care, harvest, clean, dry and store the seeds. 
In the gatherings everyone share their seeds 
and the information it has on the plants they chose.


To create a Circles of Seeds Network throughout the country to
Rediscover, Gather and Share 
our national heritage of ancient and traditional seed varieties
Do awareness campaigns and knowledge sharing 
about Seeds and food sovereignty.


Within this network all Seeds are Shared,
No Seed can be Sold.
It is not allowed genetically modified seeds.

- A person to organise the Circle interested in seed saving.
We suggest at least people and no more than 12 people to maintain support, focus and commitment
- Everyone can join the Circle.
Availability to meet at least every 3 moths.

- Each participant of the Circle must  know how to harvest, clean and store the seeds.
For those that don't know how to do, it should be done the Seed Saving workshop  (held free by the Network Support Team)
- Each person choose one or more crops that like and wish to multiply and take care.
-Whenever possible, each element should record as much information as possible about the crop. observeanalyse, register all the information in a Diary of the Crop and take photos of the process.
- Each person compromise to share the seeds with everyone inside the circle, and if it has more in stock, also to share with others Circles.
- Priority should be given to traditional seeds and Rustic, but if someone wants to can enroll with crops that are not traditional in your area (for example Stevia)
Each Circle has a Dynamic Person,  which is the element that make the link between the Circle and the Circles of Seeds Network and helps in the organization of the meetings. This person can be the one that had create the Circle or someone voting by everyone, shall be someone that wish to be and have time to be. Any time can be change for another person. 
Each Circle is self-organising 
Each Circle should create and maintain a LOCAL SEED BANK

All meetings are moments of sharing ( Seeds, Films, KnowledgeWorkshops, Activities, Lend a Hand in the gardens, Celebration, Collecting Seeds, a cup of tea :) ....).
- We suggest at least one meeting every 3 moths.
- Every time a Circle prepare a meeting, shall contact the Circles of Seeds Network, so can be announce in the website ( Date, Time, Local, the Program of the meeting, the contacts and if possible photos).
- After a meeting the Dynamic Person of the Circle shall send to the Network, a short summary with some photos. Is always nice to post in the website and share with all the others Circles :)

- It's a moment to SHARE knowledge and CELEBRATE the seeds between all Circles of Seeds, but also to transmit to outside the important of this project and this cause.
- Every year a different Circle of Seeds is the Circle Host, creating and organizing the national gathering in their region, with the help of the Circles of Seeds Network.
- It's very important that every year there is at least one national gathering of the Circles of Seeds Network.

- Each Circle needs to have a Seed Bank 
- We Suggest  the priority  to Traditional and Rustic Seeds of the region, because they are adapted to the specific characteristics ( soil, climate, needs of water...)
- Can be other species from other regions, if considered important value for the region.
- When we say Tradition, means that they are cultivate at least a decade.

The aim of the Local Seed Bank:
- Helps to conserve the traditional seeds.
- Helps to maintain the largest number as possible of seeds diversity, in a decentralized and local way.
- Give the opportunity to have seeds to share with others Circles.
- Give support to new Circles


-The Circles of Seeds Network offers a free support team that can be requested by email
- This team is available to answer any questions, to make visits and preform Seed Saving Workshops
-The visits and the workshops are free, but the Circle that calls the team needs to ensure the expenses for the travelling, the accommodation and the meals of the Team.

• Seed Bank Circles Network
• Seed Circles Network
• National Meeting every year, where we celebrate the seeds, dance, share seeds, moments, workshops, ...
• awareness lectures about the importance of preserving local seed varieties
• Seed Saving Workshops 
• Workshops for schools